The Stonebrook Company
What We Do
The Stonebrook Company, based in Lake Placid, New York, is a real estate development firm that invests in properties between New York and Florida.  We acquire, position, and operate properties to maximize long term cash flow and value for our investment partners and stakeholders.  

In addition to our own development endeavors, The Stonebrook Company represents businesses, partnerships and individual clients throughout the East Coast. We specialize in researching and recommending the best use for a property and then helping make that use a reality.  Working with professionals  such as appraisers, attorneys, accountants, contractors, planners, land engineers and more, we provide expertise in management, negotiation, analysis and strategic planning.

The Stonebrook Company consults with experts on every aspect of the development process from pre-development planning to the branding and marketing process to staffing communities with the most qualified personnel in the industry.

The Stonebrook Company, LLC
Price Chopper Shopping Plaza
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Lake Placid, New York 12946
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